Service Providers

TraceSmall How can this list of providers help me?

Are you looking for someone to assist you with home repair, maintenance or improvements? Possibly you need a professional to help you with a real estate closing, drafting a will or even drawing architectural plans for your home. If so, our service provider list is designed to help you find a business or individual to assist you. We have 19 categories of services ranging from Attorney Services to Window Cleaning. In each case, the individual or business was recommended by a Downtowner member and the businesses or individuals then provided us with a list of their services, license and insurance information and references, all of which are provided for you.

How do I find the names of these businesses or individuals and information about them?

First, determine the type of service you need from the list below and click on that service. Names of providers in that category will appear. 

Next click on the name of the provider that appears on the list and you will find: 

  • Contact information for the provider.
  • A sub-list of services in each category and whether they are performed by that provider.
  • A list of references for the provider.
  • Other information such as insurance declaration, license number, references and comments from a Downtowner.Remember, these providers are only recommended by members. Our organization does not screen, endorse, “vet” or otherwise recommend any of them, so make necessary inquiries yourself by calling references, following up on insurance information or using other information from the forms provided to us to aid you in your selection.

Can I report my experience with the service provider?

Although each of the service providers has been recommended by a Downtowner, we do not guarantee or endorse the provider’s work or service. However, we would like to know what your experience with the provider was and we ask that you provide us with that information by clicking here.

How can I recommend a service provider for inclusion on the list?

All providers listed have been recommended by Lancaster Downtowner members. If you are a member, you may download a form that you can use to recommend to be included by clicking here.


Appliance Repair

Attorney Services

Auto Service/Repair

Bathroom Remodeling

Carpentry (Doors/Drywall)


Concrete and Masonary

Deck and Patio




Gardening, Yard and Tree Service

General Construction/Contracting

Grocery Delivery


In-Home Care (Non-Medical)

Gutters and Roofing

Heating and Cooling

House Cleaning

Kitchen Remodeling

Lifestyle Modifications


Painting and Wall Covering


Real Estate

Snow Removal