Landis Community Partnership

During the summer of 2015, Lancaster Downtowners entered into a partnership with Landis Communities. The following Memorandum of Understanding describes that partnership and the benefits available to Downtowners:

Memorandum of Understanding

Landis Communities is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation which provides various services for aging adults including, but not limited to: Home Care Services through “Landis at Home” and a restricted age market-rate rental apartment community for individuals over age 55 at Steeple View Lofts, 118 N. Water Street in downtown Lancaster.

Lancaster Downtowners is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation based in Lancaster which provides programs and services to its members so they can continue to live in their own downtown Lancaster homes in later years as independently as possible.

Recognizing these shared goals, and in an effort to fulfill such goals by mutual cooperation, the organizations agree that:

  • Landis at Home will provide a Home Safety Assessment to any member of the Downtowners at no cost to the Downtowner member. This assessment, completed by a Registered Nurse, may be requested at any time. This will be a one-time service for each member. Requests for this service will initially be made to the Lancaster Downtowners “Just One Call” coordinator, who will refer the information to Landis at Home for follow up.
  • Interested Steeple View Lofts residents will be offered annual membership to Lancaster Downtowners at no cost to the individual. Steeple View residents who choose to become members will then be entitled to all Downtowner benefits as listed under Member Benefits of the Downtowners, access to and all other benefits afforded to Downtowner members.
  • Landis at Home is able to provide in-home support services to members. These services require a case to be opened by the Downtowner member with Landis at Home, during which time a registered nurse will meet with the member in their home to discuss services available, review the fee schedule and assist in completing needed paperwork. This initial in-home care support assessment is free of charge. Initial requests for these services will be made to the Lancaster Downtowners “Just One Call” coordinator who will refer the information to Landis at Home for follow up to schedule this assessment and open the case for the member. All services provided after this initial assessment will be scheduled by Landis at Homes directly with the Downtowner member. Services, including Personal Care Services, Support Services, and Transportation Services as detailed in its brochure will be provided to Downtowner members at a discount of 15%. This benefit will be limited to the first 6 (six) hours of service, after which the regular off campus rate will be charged.
  • It is important to note that there are numerous providers in the Lancaster area that offer services similar to Landis at Home. This partnership with Landis at Home is non-exclusive and implies no assumption or expectation that a member of Lancaster Downtowners will, if needed, use the home support services of Landis at Home. In fact, Downtowners are encouraged to explore other options and make comparisons before they would choose Landis at Home.