Just One Call


JohnKanagycrp John Kanagy is Lancaster Downtowner JOC Coordinator. He brings experience to this role from his former employment with Homestead Village. He is manning the phone and is ready to take your requests.

We encourage each of you to take another look at our JOC service by clicking on Member Benefits on our website.  Review the services that are available to you and give John a call when a need arises.

Become a Just One Call volunteer by filling in and submitting a JOC Volunteer Application Form.

(members only, please)

This service from Lancaster Downtowners can a give you much needed advice and short term help. Just dial our phone number and our experienced coordinator will answer your questions. He can also suggest appropriate service providers and, if needed, send one of our volunteers to assist you for a limited period of time. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Occasional car transportation
  • Light house work
  • Cooking and delivering meals
  • Snow shoveling and yard maintenance
  • Computer trouble shooting
  • Assistance with insurance forms
  • Personal visits for company
  • Simple household repairs
  • Dog walking
  • Telephone Reassurance Program

There is no extra fee. Just One Call services is part of your Downtowners membership.

But we can’t do everything. We will not climb ladders or trees. Nor can we do serous electrical, plumbing, heating, piping or air  conditioning work. Our helpful volunteers normally work at your house for 1 hour or up to 2.5 hours on rare occasions. There is a cap of 5 hours per month. Our coordinator can be reached 9 to 12 Monday thru Friday mornings. Try to call 1 or 2 days ahead of time.

Members can email info@lancasterdowntowners.org for Just One Call phone number